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I designed this game in order to test out some theories regarding melee combat in virtual reality. The problem with melee combat in VR is that when you hit something, there is no physical barrier preventing you from putting your weapon through it, even though there might be in the game world. Thus, this prototype was created to test the idea of having your weapon temporarily disappear upon impact, with the in-universe explanation that it's an energy weapon that disperses. To facilitate more realistic testing, the game also includes an AI that reads the movements and location of your weapon in order to determine which attacks to make and when to try deflecting your own attacks.

This game was created in Maya and Unreal Engine 4, and was tested using the HTC Vive. Aside from a few starter assets and sound effects, everything included in my own original work, the game being a solo project. The sound effects came from the Pro Sound Collection by Gamemaster Audio, available here, on the Unreal Marketplace.

As I only have one HMD, I was sadly unable to fully implement and test multiplayer functionality. If I can get access to another, then I will update the project so that the effect on multiplayer vs matches can be tested. Until then, the project is freely available to anyone who would like to use it. Enjoy!

If you'd like to check out any of my other projects, my portfolio is available at geistnet.com.

Install instructions

Just download, extract, and run. Make sure you use the launcher to run, otherwise the game will fail to run in VR.

If for some reason the launcher also fails, then create a shortcut to the VRDemo.exe, right click it, and select properties. At the end of the Target text box, insert -VR.


EnGarde.zip 113 MB

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